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Artisan's statement

 trivial PURSUITS is a space I have carved out for myself over the last few years. As a physical place, it extends between my hands and my worktable. This small world of mine manifests itself in the stories I weave with my hands. 

At trivial PURSUITS each line, curve and edge on the handcrafted object has a story to tell, which makes it like no other. Unique in all its imperfections.

There are two main objectives of trivial PURSUITS. The first is the crafted skill of working with the hand.  And the second is that the focus on process of making rather working with a preconceived form or idea.


My Philosophy

I love working with my hands, it means a lot to me. The whole process of making is a deeply meditative one. The act of engaging oneself in a process of making tangible things, unveils aspects of us to ourselves, ascribing to a deeper connection between the mind and the body.

Conventionally, craftsmanship is defined as being skilled manual labour, but it is far more layered than that. And it isn’t a banal string of activities to be pursued at leisure. trivial PURSUITS is built on the ideology that answers to some extra ordinary questions of life lie within the pursuit of the simple and ordinary.

The name is a  satire, an ode to celebrating the pursuit of all things "trivial". It is the pursuit to make one's place in this world.


About me

I am an architect, a dancer and a maker. My work as a maker explores the confluence of space, body and objects through the creative process of making.


Contact Information


I would love to hear from you, your thoughts and feedback on the work are always welcome. Write to me if you have any questions.

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