Every Collection explores a concept that directs the process of making. Each collection comprises of two elements - the OBJECTS (Tangible) and the STORIES (Intangible). Both the stories and the objects are handcrafted.

The OBJECT is the tangible element of a Collection. The objects are inspired by a concept chosen to be explored in making of the Collection. All are handmade out of a wide range of materials (metal, paper, wax, thread/yarn). In the process of making, a variety of fabrication techniques and methods across many disciplines are adopted.

The objects bear the stories of the "making" in their final form, in each line, curve and corner. The pieces in the collections are all limited editions. Each piece is unique and only one of each is made. 

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गांठ / “Gaanth” in Hindi means - knot. A series of necklaces made by weaving metal and thread together.



दाग / "Daag" comes from the Hindi word for stain or scar. Inspired by the imprints on fallen seed pods, this collection traces the scars left behind on empty shells and pods after the seeds have fallen. 

The collection has 3 series of jewellery objects. 

01. Bronze